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As PFPs have become a primary way for NFTs to enter the mainstream, a new trend of banner NFTs is growing this year. NFT profile banners (or PFBs as some people call them) are increasingly popular on Twitter, Discord, and other platforms.
Of course, banner NFTs don’t get nearly as much attention as NFT avatars. Not to worry – here we take you through 10 great options to add some excitement to your Twitter profile.
As widespread as NFT PFPs are today, the concept of banner NFTs is pretty straightforward to grasp. Much like NFT avatars allow people to own a digital asset that helps express their identity in a profile picture, banner NFTs offer that same ability.
Naturally, banners offer account owners a lot more real estate to play with, whether on Twitter or elsewhere. As a result, NFT banners have the potential to become a bigger part of the equation for NFT lovers on social media.
Of course, people have been using crypto art in their profile banners in the form of NFT photography, 1-of-1 art, or simply just collaging different PFPs together in one image. In this list, we’re focusing mostly on NFTs created with the intention of serving as profile banners. Some of them even take the PFP practice of generative art, and apply it to banners.
First off, let’s look at what is perhaps the most notable PFB collection out there – Midnight Breeze. This 6,969 NFT collection comes from the Dutch artist Dutchtide. In contrast to some other entries on this list, Dutchtide clearly approached Midnight Breeze much like a more conventional NFT PFP collection.
That is to say, the project comes with its own lore, utilities, and roadmap. Indeed, with a 0.33 ETH floor price and over 3,000 ETH in secondary sales volume, Midnight Breeze has an argument for being the premiere NFT banner collection at the moment.
Nekomura is a fun collection of 295 illustrated banner NFTs. The art focuses on classic Japanese locales, using the anime style that has grown to be hugely popular in NFTs. Created by artist YuYuki Han, the Nekomura collection was actually meant to be a collection of 5,555 NFTs.
However, the Nekomura team ended up selling 295 NFTs and capping the collection there. This certainly stands out, given that the Nekomura Twitter account has over 130,000 followers.  In any case, the team remains active and promises future rewards for all Nekomura banner NFT holders.
Creator Sebastian M Vibes has a number of creative photography NFTs on his OpenSea profile. Fitting his name, the artist explores a laidback island/ocean vibe in his work. The work above (Salty Skin Bannerama) is a perfect example of a piece that both evokes a tropical aesthetic and works well as a Twitter banner.
At the time of writing, there are only two banners from the anonymous artist behind The Banner Project. However, given that these pieces were minted less than two weeks ago, hopefully, it’s just the beginning for this collection.
These surreal banners are made in the artist’s collage style, combining different elements to create an out-of-this-world banner art piece. If a mind-bending banner NFT takes your fancy, take a look at The Banner Project and keep an eye out for any additional NFTs in the future.
While there aren’t many banner NFTs to begin with, most of the ones out there are on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there are a couple of other chains and these NFTs on the Tezos blockchain are a great example.
Copenhagen-based architect and illustrator Laxraven is the creator behind these NFTs. While not explicitly made as a social media PFB, much of Luxraven’s digital art fits perfectly as a banner for Twitter or any other social media profile.
Notably, the 888Whales NFT collection was specifically designed to be a Twitter profile banner. This collection of 888 NFTs mixes abstract and generative art. The result is a unique and colorful collection of “whales” swimming against a mathematically generated background. The 88Whales style takes direct inspiration from generative art heavyweights, specifically Tyler Hobbs’s Fidenza collection.
The MoonBoy banner NFTs are the creation of digital artist JD Moon. Significantly, each NFT banner is a full 1-of-1 piece. What’s more, they come as part of the ShadowMoon Collection, which also includes ShadowMoon PFPs.
These banner NFTs feature moody nighttime cityscapes, as well as a silhouette of the MoonBoy character. If you enjoy a gritty, low-fi aesthetic, one of the MoonBoy NFTs could definitely be your next Twitter banner.
Ethereal States is a generative collection of 7,000 NFTs in the Twitter banner-friendly format. Created by the artist Genuine Human, this project will launch with a mint during the week of June 20th. These vivid banners depict a variety of scenes, generated from 500 unique pixel art assets.
Thinitos is another upcoming collection, with cartoon art drawing on Greek/Roman mythology. However, this project is giving holders a complete set of NFTs, including both a PFP and PFB.
In fact, Thinitos NFT is branding this project under a new standard which it calls the PFP-B. As you might guess, this stands for Profile Picture & Banner. Not only that, but Thinitos actually claims to be the first project that will provide this complete NFT set.
Lastly is one of the projects that define PFBs. Launched back in September 2021, PunkScapes saw the imbalance between PFPs and banners early, and decided to act on it.
The result is a 10K collection of banner-ready NFTs. Besides fitting perfectly as a banner on Twitter, Discord, or OpenSea, these NFTs are also somewhat interactive. Basically, you can see the pixelated cityscapes come to life both on the PunkScapes website and on the OpenSea marketplace.
Interest in non-PFP NFTs rises and falls all the time. And even though banner NFTs haven’t fully caught on just yet, now might be a good time to take a look at these Twitter-friendly art pieces.
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