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The 5,000 limited-edition nonfungible tokens will have a holiday theme and come with a physical commemorative coin.
By Theresa Hegel

Wendell August Forge (asi/37457) is putting a digital twist on the age-old tradition of metal craftsmanship. The 99-year-old promotional products supplier based in Mercer, PA, has released what it’s calling a first-of-its-kind NFT ornament collection.
“Lifetime clients and collectible fans are looking for new ways to engage with the younger generation and still give a gift with enduring beauty that is hand-crafted, meaningful and timeless,” said Will Knecht, chairman of Wendell August.
Wendell August Forge’s handcrafted metalware gifts are often given to commemorate special moments in life, such as weddings, graduations, career milestones and athletic achievements. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) – essentially unique digital tokens of ownership stored on the blockchain and purchased using cryptocurrency – put a modern spin on a traditional gift, according to the supplier.
“It’s such an amazing opportunity to bridge the physical and digital worlds,” Knecht said.
Wendell August’s new holiday NFT collection will be limited edition, with the company minting only 5,000. Each NFT will be accompanied by a physical commemorative coin, along with membership benefits, special perks and experiences announced throughout the year. The NFT collection drops June 16.
The supplier worked with an international team of NFT designers to help bridge the gap between old world physical craftsmanship and online digital artistry, according to the company. Traditional Wendell August customers will find resources on how to buy a holiday NFT via credit card or Ethereum cryptocurrency at
“We’ve had interest in this project from grandparents and parents who want to give their kids and grandkids the ‘cool gift’ this year,” Knecht said. “At the same time, we’re hearing from NFT enthusiasts who are excited to get involved in this initial launch.”
Wendell August isn’t the first promo company to dabble in NFTs. A handful of other suppliers and distributors have been exploring the promo potential of the metaverse and NFTs, including Harper + Scott (asi/220052) and Barker Specialties (asi/132690).
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