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Zurich, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NFT market is extremely crowded and rather challenging for newcomers, who find it extremely difficult to get visibility. One of the main challenges faced by newcomers is determining the price of NFTs, as well as a multitude of other factors. How can a new project find success? Experts insist on the need for training, research and advice before starting any project. Now there is some great news for those who are just starting their journey and looking for a platform for guidance, training and advice.
Introducing – The NFT University for NFT Newcomers

The NFT University brings together crypto enthusiasts and experts, with the mission of building a platform that will offer advice, tools and all the knowledge resources that newcomers need to succeed in this highly competitive market. The NFT University aims to provide advice, recommendations, and guidelines for all newcomers.
The NFT landscape can be complex and challenging for beginners, who find it difficult to navigate through the system and make a profit. The team of experts behind The NFT University have ensured that all aspects of NFTs are comprehensively discussed, to maximise the chances to make large profits.
Array of Utilities in Every Tier for the Holders:
The NFT University plans to release 5,555 NFTs. They will be sold in three phases, and are being offered in a tiered system, offering access to a range of benefits under each tier. These benefits include hiring strategies, one-to-one mentoring, and the most lucrative, fully funded trips to Dubai. Members of all tiers will get access to NFT University’s learning platform. The aim is to offer everything that is required for a successful project, while learning a great deal about NFTs.
To view the tiers in detail and their utilities, please visit: https://www.thenftuni.com/
Kamal Mohammad, The NFT University’s Founder and an International NFT expert

Between April 28th and May 1st 2022, Kamal Mohammad travelled to the Korça Information and Technology Hub powered by UBT University in Korca, Albania. Mr. Kamal Mohammad and Dr. Maria Dojce, Docent of the University “Fan S. Noli” Albania, director and representative of the Korça Information and Technology Hub, had several meetings during this business trip, where they discussed several strategies, future goals and actions.

During this meeting, the Korca HUB and Mr. Kamal Mohammad signed a cooperation agreement. The main objective of this agreement was to hire people from the HUB. Alex Bardhoshi for the position of General Manager, Orjona Collaku as the Executive Assistant for social media and Kostanca Ngjele as the Video Content Creator.

A workshop was also organised by Korca HUB, where Mr. Kamal Mohammad described the NFT industry and its components. His presentation was focused on the industry trends and the challenges that most newcomers face as they start their journey in the market.
Mr. Kamal Mohammad is exceedingly positive about The NFT University and his future goals of enabling the first NFT training in Korca with the cooperation of Korca HUB. He has the vision of building an academy that will be dedicated to the design, fabrication and successful sale of NFTs.
If you wish to take the first step towards the amazing world of NFTs, we’re pleased to invite you to leave your contact details in the registration form below:
Website: https://www.thenftuni.com/