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Sketchy Manders is a PFP NFT collection with a total supply of 10,000 unique characters. For the better part of a year, Sketchy Manders has been establishing a solid foundation in the NFT field, and a common trend they’ve identified is a sense of alienation, fraud, and overall distrust. The Sketchy Manders Team is most interested in creating a real NFT project with fun/trendy art, as well as a future to root for and anticipate.
The big goal remains their long-term ambition, which will take Sketchy Manders down a different path than they first envisioned. Creating a receipting system that has the potential to change the way receipting is conducted as the real world meets the Crypto world is definitely on their radar. They hope that a large number of NFT fans would accompany Sketchy Manders on their voyage!
There are a lot of advantages that an owner of Sketchy Manders will get. Owners of Sketchy Manders NFT will be entitled to exclusive benefits such as early access to the Sketchy Manders V2 collection, rewards from the Sketchy Vault, rewards in the form of Sketchy coin, and a very special chance to participate in a large donation to animal rescue.
After Sketchy Manders mints, 10% of the revenue will be donated to a central Texas animal rescue organization. Austin Pets Alive is a fantastic non-profit organization. They are also willing to accept an ETH gift in exchange for helping to integrate blockchain technology. In addition, they must also raise the finances they require to carry out their objective.
Being a Sketchy member has certain perks. There is a strange coin called Sketchy coin. As a token of admiration for believing in the future of Sketchy Manders and participating in its development, owners of a Sketchy Mander NFT will be eligible for incentives in the form of Sketchy coins and more. As for discounts, owners of a Sketchy Mander NFTs will receive a 50% discount on a Sketchy Hoodie IRL NFT.
A sale will go live with the Sketchy Mander NFT owners. When the sale goes live, 50 Sketchy Mander NFT owners will receive a complimentary Sketchy hoodie IRL x NFT. This will be announced exclusively in the Sketchy Mander Discord server. “We hope to meet other people in the space looking to build. and we hope you guys who join our spaces are able to find people to trade and develop with as well.” Says Sketchy Manders.
“The team behind Sketchy Manders is very excited to collaborate with and develop alongside you. It will become clear that we will have to dox ourselves in the near future after more exposition of the Sketchy Plans for the Future to our holders in the discord. We are dedicated to the success of those around us, we believe in the future of Blockchain technologies and their integration with the real world, and we have no time to jeopardize our name in the industry. Rest assured that we have a slew of initiatives and discords with which to collaborate.” The team Sketchy Manders says further.
Media Contact
Company Name: Sketchy Manders
Contact Person: Taylor Roberto
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://www.sketchymanders.com/

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