ESRB has now rated an ‘arcade-style football game’ that’s been officially licensed by the NFLPA, and it’s built from the ground up to support NFTs.
Even though many gaming communities view NFTs with suspicion, it seems that the technology and, specifically, its video gaming implementations, aren't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the NFL Players Association itself appears to have licensed a fully-fledged NFT video game by the name of STG Football.
STG Football bills itself as "the only officially licensed NFLPA Football Game on the blockchain," and it has now been formally rated by the ESRB, which has provided a short description of how the game plays in practice. Since it's backed by an NFL organization as prominent as the NFLPA, STG Football promises access to an extremely wide roster of real-life superstars, all of whom will be turned into NFTs.
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While NFT sales have plummeted by now, numerous companies are still interested in pursuing the monetization of the blockchain. STG Football, specifically, is described as an arcade sports game where players compete against one another by scoring points. ESRB also points out that the game features in-game purchases, which is precisely where player NFTs come into the picture.
While Madden NFL 21 will host NFL Pro Bowl this year as a virtual event, STG Football seems to have humbler goals in mind for the time being. The game's main features – as explained on the official website – focus on the need to establish a proper economy and get the game up and running before all else, though longer-term plans include the launch of a season pass and STG Football's release on a "large PC Storefront."
Some established live-service games have taken a hard stance against NFTs. EVE Online won't implement the blockchain, for example, but STG Football aims to embrace it. The game will be built from the ground up with blockchain in mind, and it's supposed to get a closed beta launch on PC in Q2 2022. The team working on the game is sourced from large and established studios, such as GLU, Konami, Ubisoft, and Zynga, which means the gameplay should be up-to-par once it gets shown off.
For football fans that are not particularly keen on NFT-enabled games, however, there are potentially exciting releases on the horizon still. The VR game NFL Pro Era has been announced already, and it, too, is fully officially licensed by the NFL. While Pro Era is currently an unknown quantity, it does show that the NFL isn't putting all of its eggs in just one non-fungible basket after all.
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