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A Whole lot of prominent personalities possess NFTs, and this trend has picked up a fast pace during previous 12 months. Many times, celebrities share their NFT acquisitions on social media in respect of major acquisitions such as Expensive BAYC NFTs.
Record displays a few dozens famed figures possesses BAYC non-fungible tokens, as collectibles has become a status symbol. Personalities such as rapper Snoop Dogg, comedian Jimmy Fallon, NBA legend Shaq O’Neal, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, and NBA’s Stephen Curry all have MAYC or BAYC NFTs.
Additionally, many other NFTs from other collections and many luminaries are acquired in a significant quantity by celebrities.
Eminem or Marshall Mathers or Slim Shady or Rabbit, or simply the rap god, is an avid NFT collector. By April 2021’s end, Eminem released its initial NFTs, which were beat-inspired animated virtual collectibles created for fans.
During August, Goliath Records’ CEO and his friend, Paul Rosenberg, Eminem took part in Series A funding Round of Makersplace. Then during this year’s January, rap god Eminem acquired BAYC #9055 for $452K. Since then, rabbit has purchased many more non-fungible tokens and still possesses BAYC #9055.
As per records, Eminem is a huge fan of Gucci Grail Mint Pass, World of Women, Kongz, Doodles, Clonex, MAYC, and BAYC.
Shaq O’Neal, aka Shaq, NBA Legend and sports researcher for Inside the NBA, is also a huge fan of NFTs. As per the data, Shaq’s most valuable NFT acquisition remains Mutant Ape Yacht Club #14452, equalling $44.1K, and possesses Creature #9018 worth $5.2K, and many other virtual collectibles.
As of this writing, Shaq O’Neal’s wallet holds 890 Non Fungible Tokens from 90 distinct collections. At present, Shaq does not have a plethora of ETH in wallet and have only $1537 worth of ETH.
Entrepreneur, media personality, and socialite, Paris Hilton remains a fan of NFTs for a pretty good time. She is also a massive fan of Metaverse and NFTs and have a mass myriad-sized virtual collectibles today.
As per current metrics, Paris holds 1699 Non Fungible tokens from 118 distinct collections. Hilton’s most expensive NFT remains BAYC #1294, costing $211K.
Our favorite Pepper Potts, aka Gwyneth Paltrow, have her admiration for Bitcoin for quite some years, and these days, Pepper is all about NFTs. Presently, her wallet keeps 82 Non Fungible Tokens from 12 distinct collections.
Most expensive NFT in Gwyneth’s wallet remains BAYC #6141, worth $223K. Apart from this, Pepper has also acquired Gucci Grail Mint Pass and World of Women NFTs.
Celebrities acquiring expensive art is not new, but unlike private sales of art, blockchain provides an entirely new vantage point. It displays their complete collections as well as assortments which might have gone unnoticed in private or conventional settings.
Trend of prominent celebrities acquiring NFTs does not appear to slow down any time in future, and fact that any folk can take a look at their flashy virtual collection possibly pleases them.
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