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Anime is something that has become quite popular in recent times. Now, the anime–metaverse space has become a nascent field possessing immense potential, particularly in regard to NFTs. Anime enthusiasts have now entered the growing digital space, developing projects with anime-inspired characters in them. This advancement is being considered the most interesting development since their sudden rise in 2021, which continues to be in 2022.
Anime NFT has also started gaining recognition in the NFT sector, particularly via Twitter, where various anime-related works, because of their unique and fascinating outlooks, gather attention. After the anime-metaverse, many projects are launched. The most popular of them are listed below:
Shonen Junk is an NFT collection whose connection goes deep into the anime community. The collection contains 9,000 NFTs. Shonen Junk was developed by a software engineer named James Lin. James is also the co-founder of a leading streaming platform, Crunchyroll, and has created a name for itself in the industry. Crunchyroll is among the major reasons responsible for anime popularity in the United States.
Azuki NFT has been quite successful in the NFT space with its collection of about 10,000 avatars, impressive sales, and records since its inception in January 2022. Azuki NFT is one of the major communities in the anime-NFT space. There is a unique anime-inspired style that was popular in the anime industry during the early 2000s in the NFTs community.
Karafuru enjoys a great following on Twitter after it was announced in the NFT space in January. The sales of the NFT collection skyrocketed in February after its inception. Its sales were rapid and sold out at a fast pace. The NFTs in Karafuru are inspired by anime artworks and possess unique appeals and appearances. In fact, Karafuru is the most distinctive one in the anime-NFT space in terms of appearances.
Otaku Origins is for anime enthusiasts who look for a strong connection to the metaverse. A unique algorithm generates Otaku Origins. The algorithm presents NFTs as having one of the over-200 unique features that belong to eight categories in the large NFT collection. Holders also get access to the Metaverse through NFTs, acting as an ideal base for budding artists and authors in the anime industry.
Killer GF is another NFT collection inspired by anime that is taking the NFT marketplace by storm. The collection features a 7,800 collection of hand-drawn female characters titled “girlfriends” who are assassins, too, whoa! That’s killer, isn’t it?
Zeronis, artist of the “girlfriends,” was also an artist on “Riot Games.” Diverting his artistic skills into the NFT sphere, he managed to produce an astonishing collection with more than 4,000 owners as of now.
The community is anticipating a metaverse to be revealed soon, with unique hand-drawn characters in The Sandbox.
Lives of Asuna is an exciting NFT channel of anime-associated drawings exceptionally resembling anime characters.
The NFT channel is a collection of 10,000 characters and currently has more than 5,000 owners. What makes this astonishing channel unique? Its hand is drawn to nature and its fantasy attributes.
After getting their hands on Lives of Asuna, holders can customize their avatars via special items. Anime fans interested in NFTs can check them out to discover an astounding collection.
One Piece Fans? I guess you already got the reference. So an NFT sphere based on such a notion is a luring one for weebs and otakus alike. There are a total of 5,000 distinctly drawn NFTs associated with anime.
Haki NFTs are more than just “NFTs.” The holders of this collection are eligible for live events, lovely streetwear, airdrops, and much more.
As of now, the Floor value of Haki NFT is 0.075 ETH, and if you are an otaku having a passion for Non Fungible Tokens as well as the legendary One Piece, Haki NFT is worth checking out.
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