The NFT segment continues to develop rapidly, each new collection surpasses the previous ones in quality and promotion. Chill Benji collection of 10,000 3D artworks with 6 rarity traits looks special even in a competitive environment. It comes from the real-life of Benjamin Franklin, but not one of the USA Founding Fathers. So he calls himself Chill Benji to distinguish himself from his great predecessor and wants to live up to this name. His way is to create a solid and large-scale NFT project in which Chill Benji realizes his ideas about the community and his diverse life experiences. And for sure he is not a bore, because his slogan is “What a chill life!”
Chill Benji NFT collection is not just a set of his portraits. But this is something more interesting – a set of his fashionable clothes from all over the world. A scientist and fashionista, Chill Benji has long been engaged in sciences and inventions. It was he who invented working from home, bifocals. essential oils, and the lightning rod. Maybe this is inexact. But it is true that Chill Benji after all started traveling and decided to become a travel influencer. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult for him to be unrecognized on the streets of the cities throughout the world. He was recognized everywhere, and he quickly made friends, but because of this total hospitality, his articles for the travel column turned out to be not quite truthful, as he likes. Chill Benji had to disguise his appearance and used a lot of different clothes. Thus, a large wardrobe of fashionable clothes and accessories was organized, corresponding to the different countries and peoples. This is how the Chill Benji NFTs collection was created: NFTs are pegged to 3D pictures of real fashionable clothes. They are of high quality with 6 rarity traits and can be traded at the OpenSea marketplace.
In what way Chill Benji attracts investments?
NFTs are a good investment opportunity, especially if they are rare and the community is large. Chill Benji is ready to do a lot to create such a community. Firstly, he is an open and friendly person, that’s why he has hundreds of friends around the world. But he believes that he will have thousands of friends when he builds the Chill Benji NFT Community. He has developed a program of incentives and benefits for NFT holders. It includes both options familiar to users, as well as very special ones that couldn’t be found in any other project. They are:
– Random airdrops for Chill Benji holders;
– A minimum 15% discount on all Chill Benji merchandise;
– Whitelist opportunities into upcoming collections;
– Pre-sale pricing on future collections;
– The opportunity to express their wishes to Chill Benji for future projects;
– And special requests or custom Chill Benji projects.
As for the upcoming collections, they may be related to another Chill Benji real-life story. Traveling in Europe, in Germany, he saw someone whose ability to chill out even surpassed his own one. It was a German Shepherd puppy dog, who seemed to be a stray. The dog was loafing around with a few other strays, and it was in the true chill-out mode. That’s why Chill Benji fell in love with the little pup and decided to adopt him, and called him ‘GSD’, short for ‘German Shepherd Dog’. It was love at first sight, they are now inseparable and traveled back to America together, lounging on ornate day beds. It’s highly likely that the next Chill Benji NFT collection will be connected to GSD, who has become his boss friend as he grows up. That’s just like Chill Benji, because his first collection of 3D artworks came from real life too.
What a chill life!
What makes the Chill Benji NFTs collection stand out? The fact is that it was prompted by the very life of an outstanding person with a famous name and rich life experience. Chill Benji is also very interested in creating a large community around the world, which he traveled far and wide. He’ll do his best to make 10,000 3D artworks with 6 rarity traits in great demand and their price will rise after that.
Chill Benji knows how to build relationships with people, so a massive community will be created for sure. After all, earlier he created his own team of professionals passionate about the project’s success. Those in charge of the project’s creation, art, and future developments are masters of their craft. A collection of masterpieces pegged to NFTs plus a big community both make a good opportunity for anyone to join and invest.

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